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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Calivary - Win a Free iPhone 5 (Poland Open Event)

POLAND Iphone 5 Giveaways
CALIVARY Network founded in POLAND has recently Open an new event to win awesome gadgets including the Latest Iphone 5
CALIVARY Network Snapshot
To get to the entry there are things that the network may ask from you, They might need your Email and Mobile number for PIN verification to get started to the event.
The event is still open so if you are in Poland you can participate the event and win new tech from Calivary network.
**OTHER Poland Events**

Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Brand Reward (BBR) - Win a Free Iphone 5 (For US)

United States New open Event for Iphone 5 Giveaways.
Big Brand Reward or Commonly called (BBR) has conducted and recently opened an event for Iphone 5 giveaway.
This entry is available only for United States (US area).
The network is not yet announced when is the closing date of this event, that's why we invite you to participate this offer to us by BBR.
As always stated on the other posts of this blog, this events and promos might require the following information about yourself for further contact.
**All requirements must be VALID**
Email Address
Home Address (For Shipment)
Contact No. (For PIN Verification)
Basic Information

Quiz King - Win a free iPhone 5 - AUSTRALIA (AU Only)

**GOOD news for all AU's out there**
QuizKing network from AUSTRALIA has currently launched an event for you to win awesome prizes including the Apple iOS Iphone 5 32GB Unlocked.
After visiting the website, you'll need to answer this question with regards to Apple or Iphone itself:
"Who Makes the Iphone?"
A. Nokia
B. Apple
After answering this question you will be taken to the verification field to verify that your not a  BOT, The verification may ask your phone number for the code for the entry.
**HURRY and be the first one on the list of the participants**

Dragonfly - Win a free iPhone 5 For MALAYSIA

**MALAYSIA Announcement**
The Malaysian network Dragonfly has recently open an event to win also an Iphone 5 + Iphone games installed on the device.
**HOW TO**
This event may require you to submit your mobile number for entry ticket as well as for registration to the event.
The Malaysian network is currently looking for more entries for the raffle draw, weekly and every the end of the month you will have the chance to win this awesome prizes.
If they require you to send your email address you must use a valid one so that you will be updated with the event. It is also important that you check your email regularly for notices about the event.

Skill2Thrill - Win a Free iPhone 5 CANADA Only

**CANADA Opens an Event for Iphone 5 Giveaways**
Skill2Thrill recently opened an event for Canada are only to give away an exciting prize from Apple, the Iphone 5 32G Unlocked.
This awesome gadget can be yours by participating their event without completing any surveys or waiting for an advertisement, this can be yours instantly the way you want it.
A. 5
B. 6
Be one of the winners from Canada of an Iphone 5 32GB Black or White Unlocked.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lifestyles - Win a free Iphone 5 (Black and White Selection) For United Kingdom (UK Only)

**UK Event for Iphone 5 Giveaways Announcement***

**For UK surfers, Get a chance to win a free iphone 5 32gb - PARTICIPATE NOW**
Lifestyle Network from UK is still have an open event to take home a free iphone 5, the photo above is a snapshot of the Lifestyle network from UK.
The event is still open at these days and the network administrator has not yet implemented the date when it will close.

This event may require your valid email address and some basic information about yourself like your address for shipment info.

It is important that you check your email regularly for a notifications about the event so you don't have to miss the event notices.

WinMyiPhone - Win a free Iphone 5 From GERMANY (DE area only)

20, Feb-2013 is the opening date of the WinMyiPhone network from Germany (DE).
Aside from winning an iPhone 5 weekly they have added to the prize a 20.000€ cash together with this giveaway.
You need to provide your current mobile number upon joining this event.. this will serve as a verification and notification for them that you are interested to join their events.

Lalaboos - Win a Free iPhone 5 32G (Black or White)

**New Announcement Win a Free Iphone 5 (GREECE Only)**
Lalaboos is currently have an opening event for us to have chance to win a brand new iphone 5 complete package:
New Earphones
Choose between Black and white Color Iphone 5
As always, they might need your valid email address and basic information so that they will easily contact you for notifications about this event.
Though this is launched in GREECE, all UK and US has also a chance to win this cool prize (Iphone 5).
To all who are in GREECE Area you have almost a 100% Chance to win this Iphone 5 brought to you by lalaboos.
Win a free Iphone 5 from United States (US Only)
Win a Free Iphone 5 from United Kingdom (UK Only)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Win a Free Iphone Giveaways and freebies is not a SCAM

According to the latest survey about freebies and giveaways, thousands of companies worldwide are doing this event for some reason. Because of the high and rapid growth of the technology today, these companies are taking advantage of the audiences of this freebies stuff.
As stated earlier these companies are using the popularity of this techs for them to get more sales and visitors to their website, and as a price to those who visits their site is a free stuff like, iphone, ipad, ipad mini,. etc.
They keep doing this because of the internet marketing, this is their own strategies to build traffic to their sites and generate leads and income.
The companies posted on this blog are high priority companies they surely give free stuff in exchange for visiting their website. If you are interested you can learn more about or event try it to see yourself. I included my UNBOXING Video to this Blog so that it will serve are a proof to everyone who are interested on freebies and free stuff.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Apple's Iphone 5 iOS Has been bitten again with JAILBREAK

From scratch and dust the iphone 5 was born, yet there is other software that is continuous to evolve to broke the iOS software by apple.

The continuous battle between Apple and the Jailbreak is considered as the Tech version of "Tom and Jerry" a cat and mouse chase that no one knows when will it ends. 

According to Cnet News:

"The latest -- from the mouse front -- is a tool called evasi0n, which was released this morning. The software jailbreaks the most recent version of Apple's iOS 6 software, something that's already been accomplished. However this new, much-awaited tool continues to work even if you restart your iPhone or iPad, and also works with the iPhone 5.

The software itself runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux and can be used on "all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1," its creators say. Once installed, users can install applications on their phone outside of Apple's App Store using tools like Cydia. Some of those same software tweaks can also be used to make major changes, like reskinning the operating system, or adding extra functionality.

The effort comes just a few days after Redsn0w, a similar jailbreak solution that worked on iOS 6.1, but was not compatible with Apple's newer chip architecture found on the iPhone 5, as well as the latest iPads and iPod Touch. For its part, Apple released iOS 6.1 a week ago today. "

 View Original Article Here :

 The best part is, even though there is a battle between the two sides. there are many companies that are giving away the apple iphone for a cause. In other way they call it "Win a Free Iphone"

You can get you own, Here is the samples of the Companies who offers "win a free iphone".

  1. MobileFun4Hours
  2. FunFone
  3. Ergma

You can navigate some of my old post to see more.

PT - iPhone 5 Testers - Win a Free Iphone 5

All UK Residence is a must to become a tester of the new iPhone 5. is looking for iphone 5 testers.
If you are willing to apply for this opening you can visit their site. Within the site you can see the registration form.
When you get approved as tester, you will be given a chance to win or take home a brand new iphone 5 as a gift to you.
This is the reason why their company is very famous in terms of giveaway events and promos.
Upon Registering or participating to their opening you must submit a valid information about yourself so that it is easy for them to contact you.

RP - Win a Free Iphone 5 (United States only)

Announcement for all US Residence:
You are invited to get the once in a lifetime opportunity to get this Apple Iphone 5 event brought to you by RP.
To join the Offer Simply Visit the RP site and check for qualifications.
To join this event, they may require you to register  your valid email address, name, zip and address so that it will easy for them to contact you for the raffle.
You are required to finish all the steps of registering so that the administrators will put you to their top priority email list.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ergma - Win a Free iPhone 5 Black or White

Announcement to all United Kingdom Residence.
Ergma is giving away a free iPhone 5 Black or White. 
You can VISIT my RECENT POST HERE it Contains all the instructions on how to get into the entry of the event. 
This event may require you to submit your information, all the information you must submit is a valid and available for contacts if soon.

Mobilefun4Hours - Win a Free iPhone 5

Mobilefun4Hours is conducting a giveaways of Apple's best selling Phone, the Iphone 5, try your luck and be the one of the participants around worldwide and get a chance to win a free iphone 5 brought to you by Mobilefun4Hours.
This offer may require you to fill out your Country Zip Code and your Email for verification, the email you submit must be real for you to gain access to their members area.
Other LINK's U might Interested with:

FunFone - Win a Free Iphone5 AUSTRALIA (AU only)

Win a free Iphone5, FunFone is giving away the latest iOS phone from Apple the Iphone5.
This now your chance to get this amazing phone.
HURRY!! This is limited time only.
Once you are on the navigation page they maybe require you to have your Email address, Pin and Full Name, But in this case this offer only requires your Valid Email Address for verification to get the offer.
Upon visiting the site you only need to answer this question "In which country was Apple founded? (USA or CANADA?)
**HURRY while the event is still Open**